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    Malben Engineering is in the business of making pressed metal parts. We specialize in medium size parts and other value adding processes such as welding, fastener addition and surface finishing eg. painting or electroplating.
    We manufacture parts to customer supplied drawings. We are also able to provide assistance in the development of products required for local conditions, such as the radiator protector we recently developed for Ford in conjunction with Ford Engineering.
    Some of the parts we currently manufacture include:
    • Electric motor housings and end caps
    • Wind screen wiper arm linkages
    • Engine mountings
    To produce good quality parts you need good quality tooling. We manufacture all tooling in house and consider this a corner stone of our business. We have experience in producing complex multi stage tooling, deep draw forming tools as well as being able to produce simple, cost effective tooling for small jobs.
    Malben manufactures air reservoirs which are sold to South African companies servicing the truck and trailer brake market. The reservoirs are manufactured and tested to comply with SANS 286-2 : 1992.
    Malben is currently the leader in terms of market share for the supply of air reservoirs in South Africa.

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