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  • Euro Metal Finishes

    Euro Metal Finishes is situated on the premises of Malben Engineering. We are able to offer zinc electroplating services as well as powder coating and e-coating.
    Our electroplating plant employs alkaline, cyanide-free, zinc and zinc-iron plating systems. We offer chrome +6 free passivation in three colours namely blue, yellow and black. All of the processes mentioned above comply with strict automotive requirements regarding restrictions on the use of “Substances of Concern” (SOC) as well as salt spray resistance.
    The painting line offers the option of painting with conventional powder coat or e-coat on the same conveyor line. Both these paint process are preceded by a five stage pre-treatment spray tunnel which deposits a thin, hard, multi-metal zinc phosphate layer to the steel surface.
    We place great emphasis on ensuring our operations have the least possible environmental impact, and we therefore ensure that our semi automated effluent plant operates as efficiently as possible at all times. We also employ waste minimization techniques to ensure optimal use of resources which in turn reduces our impact on the environment and reduces operating expenses.

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