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  • Symptoms Of A Bad Engine Mount

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    Engine mounts are the component that is responsible for securing the engine of a vehicle to the chassis. Engine mounts come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit a wide variety of vehicles but they all basically serve the same purpose which is to mount the engine and dampen engine vibration. Engine mounts are usually made up of metal and rubber. The metal is there to handle the force or torque that the engine generates and the rubber is there is to absorb and dampen the engine vibrations. Engines produce a lot of vibrations during regular operation, if there is as problem with the engine mounts, it will be quite noticeable. Problematic engine mounts will produce a few tell-tale signs that will alert the driver of impeding failure.

    Here are some of those tell-tale signs:

    1. Impact noises coming from the engine bay

    One of the most common signs that your engine mounts are worn or failing are noises coming from the engine bay. Worn or failing engine mounts will produce loud banging or clunking noises as well as other impact sounds. These sounds are the result of the shifting excessively to the point of contact.

    1. Excessive vibrations

    The second symptom of a failing engine mount is excessive vibrations. This usually happens when the rubber parts of the mount wear down or break. This will significantly reduce the engine mounts ability to absorb the vibrations from the engine mount. If engine vibrations go un-dampend, the entire vehicle will vibrate, causing huge discomfort for that passengers and driver.

    1. Engine movement

    Another symptom of a failing engine mount is that the engine will move around in the engine bay. Engine mounts that are in good condition will secure the engine to the engine bay and it will not budge. Broken or worn engine mounts may cause the engine to move forwards or backwards or even from side to side. You will definitely notice the shifting of the engine when accelerating and it will usually be followed by an impact noise.

    Engine mounts are an important part of any vehicle and they are what keep the vibrations produced by the engine to a minimum. When engine mounts fail, the ride become uncomfortable and the noises are often unbearable. A broken engine mount can also cause damage to other components of the vehicle such as the chassis.

    Malben Engineering manufacture engine mountings to customer supplied drawings. We also manufacture all our tooling in house and we consider this a cornerstone of our business.


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