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    Where would you find electric motors

    Electric motors can be found almost everywhere. Take your home for example, there are electric motors in the fan, the blender, the mixer, the electric gate and garages, etc. You will probably count at least 50 electric motors around your home. Everything that runs off electricity and moves will require an electric motor to do so.

    Electric motors are also often found in children’s toys and radio control cars. This is where you can easily see exactly what they do as they are easy to get to. Most of them will have a cog on the end that spins. This cog will connect to a set of gears that will then allow the toy to move or the RC car to drive.

    What is an Electric Motor Housing?                  

    Electric motor housings are the piece of apparatus which will protect the electric motors parts from dust and damage. The electric motor housing that you will receive from Malben Engineering will provide the motor with reliable and consistent functionality and maintain an optimal performance. Our electric motor housings are made only out of the highest grade materials which makes them robust and tensile. All our electric motor housings will fit your motor like a glove and will offer protection like no other.

    The Function of Electric Motor Housings

    The function of an electric motor housing is largely to provide protection to the moving parts inside the motor both from receiving as well casing damage from and to other components. The electric motor housing will also in many cases serve as a grounding source. An electric motor or actually any motor needs to be mounted somewhere for it to be of any use. An electric motor housing can provide a space for mounting holes or another method to assist in the mounting of the electric motor.

    We will manufacture the motor housing that you require for your specific purposes from the supplied drawing. This will ensure that your housing will be exactly to the required spec. We are also able to assist in the development of products required for local conditions, IE, we can offer assistance if the motor housing will be in a coastal area and you need it to be resistant to rust.

    Malben engineering are considered to be the experts in the field of electric motor housing which means you will receive a product of top quality as well as world class after sales services.


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